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Longnet Wall Mount

Longnet Wall Mount

Wall attachment point for wall mounting. The flip hooks lie flat against the wall when they are not in use. Install one attachment for each height. Price is per set 2x fittings.

Recommended with a minimum of 4 heights:

  • Mini tennis 0.80m. Mounting height 0.85m.
  • Tennis and Football Tennis 100cm. Mounting height 105cm.
  • Badminton 1.55m. Mounting height 1.60m.
  • Mini Volleyball 2m. Mounting height 2.05m.
  • Women's height Volleyball 2.24m. Installation height 2.29m.
  • Mixed Volleyball 235. Mounting height 2.40m.


Important! The mounting height on the edges should be approx. 3-5 cm higher than the current height. Screws are not included with the mounting brackets. There are many different gyms, and therefore we have several wall mounting solutions available. We collaborate with other suppliers to find the best solution for your gym. Contact us for more info.

  • For customers who wish to pay by invoice

    Are you ordering on behalf of a school, institution or similar? Get in touch directly via the contact form, and we can arrange payment through invoice.


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