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Tightening pulley

The pulley is designed, developed, and in 90% of the cases - handmade by Kåre Mol.

Inspired by pulleys found in old barns and on sailboats - Longnet's tension pulley is durable, has a smart rope stopper, and can be used by anyone, as it provides excellent tightening power without requiring much force.

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Tightening pulley NOK 3290,-


The Longnet is lightweight and durable - made to create generations of ball players!

The top rope is made of kevlar, and can withstand strong tension over a long period of use. Since its inception in 2008, our net has been produced in the Czech Republic, under close guidance from Kåre. We make nets in all lengths, up to 40 meters long! The standard lengths are adapted to Norwegian gyms, but in every case we recommend that buyers measure the wall-to-wall length in their hall prior to ordering.

komplett pakke.png

Longnet Starter Pack
NOK 7190,-



Do you have the wall mounts needed to set up the net?

Make Longnet easier to set up and stow away with our net holder!


Net holder
NOK 540


Wall mount
NOK 400

longnet nett.png

Longnet custom length
NOK 200,- per meter

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