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Longnet strammer


Our products

All our goods are assembled by hand in Norway. Our tensioning system is inspired by weatherproof pulleys used on sailboats, and our net is light & durable. Take a look at our innovative solutions and get started with ball games in 1,2,3!

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What is Longnet?

The Longnet concept allows for maximum use of net space in your gym. Instead of setting up several volleyball nets, the Longnet is set up across the length of the gym, giving more ball touches over the net to more children at the same time. This solution facilitates effective volleyball teaching in school. Longnet can be used for training in other net sports, such as tennis, badminton and ffootball.


Our philosophy

Play to Learn is the main slogan in the Longnet philosophy. Our pedagogy is based on the idea that children learn best and most where play and competition go hand in hand, where you are constantly involved in the game and develop a great degree of understanding of the game from an early age. The foundation of the philosophy is learning to read and move in ball trajectories, which is an essential skill in all ball sports.

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With Longnet, our philosophy gets full expression. More children & young people can participate in activities at the same time, in the same hall size. Make your training routine more efficient with Longnet!


Photo: Geir Owe Fredheim / Team Norway

Kåre Mol - Coach and founder

Kåre Mol is one of Norway's most well-known and competent coaches. Through 30 years of coaching he has worked with hundreds of athletes from beginner to the highest international level. As a player he has 95 international matches for Norway, been the national team coach in both volleyball and beach volleyball, overseeing athletes in four Olympic Games, winning gold in Tokyo 2020, and winning gold in the 2022 World Championships. He has been voted Coach of the Year by IBVCA (International Beach Volleyball Coaches Association), and is a three-time winner of the CEV Coach of the Year in Europe. He has written three books on the subject of volleyball, and has invested considerable resources in developing the Longnet concept over the past decade.

Kåre has always had a burning commitment to simplify, develop and make the sport of volleyball more accessible to children and youth at all levels. The combination of Kåre's passion for the sport of volleyball and ball sports in general led him to search for smarter solutions. The idea of Longnet was conceived, and offers an ingenious solution for space utilization, accessibility and user-friendliness. Longnet's basic philosophy is to increase the number of ball touches and the degree of involvement, as this is central to the development of the sport in general, and makes it a more challenging activity to participate in.

In addition to winning gold at the 2020 Olympics, Kåre has been an instructor for coaches and teachers all over the world, and is known as a skilled, engaging and playful coach. Together with his wife Merita and their five children, he has developed a playful, conscious and engaging approach to volleyball.

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