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Longnet Tightening Pulley

Longnet Tightening Pulley

Longnet's unique and innovative tightening pulley for easy and quick tensioning of the net. Two triple roller bearing pulleys with a smart rope lock ensures that the Longnet can be easily tensioned over long distances without any net sag. The pulleys consist of a static rope system with a built-in anti-twist mechanism (patent pending), which means that the rope system in the pulleys will be held in place during use and storage. Our tightening pulleys are made of fiberglass reinforced composite. Ball bearings made of stainless steel mean that the pulleys are able to withstand high loads, making the pulleys very durable. Withstands workloads up to 450 kg. The tension pulleys are equally suitable for outdoor use as indoor use.

The tensioning ring from Longnet is suitable for tightening all net systems, and can replace the tensioning system on existing poles. Rods rarely wear out, but the tensioning system is often broken. If you are in doubt as to whether your tensioning system can be replaced, get in touch via the contact form. 

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