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    It is a good idea to measure the length where the Longnet will be used. The net must be slightly shorter than the distance from attachment point to attachment point. 1-3 meters shorter than where the net will be used. The Kevlar length is longer than the net, and it is adjusted slightly when the net is first installed. For example, if it is 22 meters from attachment point to attachment point, you state this and you will then be sent a 21 meter net where the Kevlar cord at the top of the net is adjusted when the net is adjusted for the first time.
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    Yes, the Longnet tensioning pulley is very suitable for tightening all types of nets, outdoors and indoors. Also normal volleyball nets, normal tennis nets, net curtains and miscellaneous. other devices that need tightening up.
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    Longnet can be used in most places, and offers completely new possibilities for space utilization. In small gymnasiums, multipurpose halls, tennis courts, ball pits, beach volleyball courts or outside in the schoolyard.
  • How do I attach the underside of the net?
    It is best to have a bracket to attach the rope to, at the lower edge of the net
  • Do you provide service and support for LongNet products?
    Longnet has unique expertise in use and technical support. We are concerned that the customer should receive advice when needed, both when purchasing the network itself, and support during installation or other follow-up.
  • Which net height should I use for my activity?
    Longnet can be used for all ball games over the net, therefore one must know how the use is intended. Here is a list of net heights in various activities that Longnet can be used for. It is good to mount nightstands about 3-5 cm higher on the edges than the current height. Longnet is used for learning and training and net height is not in official competitions.
  • Where can I buy LongNet products?
    Longnet is a special product that can only be bought in this online store.
  • What is a Kevlar cord?
    Kevlar cord is a dumb rope material that Longnet uses at the top of the net to ensure a tight net.
  • Can Longnet be used outdoors?
    Yes, Longnet is very suitable outdoors, and the tension pulley can be used outside and is water resistant. Outside in schoolyards, artificial grass pitches, on tennis courts or sand volleyball courts. However, nets and Kevlar have a longer lifespan if nets are stored indoors after outdoor use.
  • What delivery conditions do you have?
    Longnet standard lengths and tension pulleys are usually in stock and can be delivered immediately. Special lengths have a delivery time of 4-6 weeks. Shipping, forwarding and shipping fees are NOK 260 in Norway, and according to the post office's rates for foreign countries.
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